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Daniel Negreanu Supports Bans, 'Seat Me' System to Fight Scripting | PokerNews
Date: Jan 23, 2018
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Last Date: Feb 15, 2018
Category: Online Poker
Original Date: Jan 22, 2018

Play the word association game with "Daniel Negreanu" and "fish" probably isn't the first word to spring to mind to describe poker's all-time tournament money leader.

Evidently, that's the case for at least five people though, as the popular PokerStars Team Prorevealed in a recent video blog. The whole thing is worth a watch — it's embedded below — but what PokerNews wanted to highlight was Negreanu's rant against the current state of online poker cash games and the rampant use of seating scripts that has infested them.

Negreanu's tale begins with a desire to get in some hands at $50/$100 six-max on PokerStars to work on some concepts he's recently been studying with his poker coaches. He put in two sessions, he said, lasting a total of about 500 hands.

Both times, he chose empty tables at which to sit, where he expected to wait for some regulars to sit in and give him action. As soon he sat down, he said, regulars filled the other five seats in the games "within three-quarters of a second."

What is Seat Scripting?

How does such a thing occur?

For the uninitiated, it's not because five regs hovered over their mouses eagerly awaiting a fish sitting at the table Negreanu happened to choose. The use of "seat scripts" allows players to instantly sit at what the software deems to be a profitable table. Those with the best and fastest scripts will beat everyone else to the punch in getting the best tables and snatch up the money from recreational players before any of their rival sharks can do the same.


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