About 1stSpade

The idea of 1stSpade is to collect everything there is to know about poker in one place. Or at least links to where you can find it. In danger of categorizing too much I’m afraid to compare it to anything, but maybe you can say it will be a mix of imdb.com, facebook.com, Wikipedia.org, youtube.com and a few more sites.

1stSpade.com will be the first place to go online for anyone that is interested in poker or want to learn about poker. We will provide a lot of information on the site, but we will also send you in the right direction if you want to get even more information.

We will focus the information about poker players, but we will also include as much information as possible about everything else that has to do with poker, that being videos, articles, books, tournament results, online results, news, blogs, pictures, comics, rules, poker rooms, learning sites, forum sites, online poker rooms, resorts, poker shows, events and much more.

EVERYONE can register at 1stSpade! Of course all players, both professionals and amateurs, live and online players. But also everyone else that has to do with poker: Tournament Directors, writers, photographers, authors, dealers, software developers, floor people, producers, managers, agents, assistants, camera workers, poker actors, fish, poker girls, poker family and last, but not least: fans!

Why register? Most importantly you register to be able to promote yourself as a person and as a poker player. If you already have a sponsor they will appreciate it, and if you don’t have one this is the place to do whatever you can to get one. Secondly to get benefits! You will be able to make money in different ways, you will be able to add information to profiles, you will be able to write reviews about most things and also comment on most things. Short said: you will have all the possibilities to be an interactive user!

For publishers of books, videos, magazines and other there will be many ways both to advertise and to sell your products.

ALL uses will have a chance to make money on the site. Either by publishing pictures that are sold, having very popular blogs or by doing something that we think is worth a prize! And last, but not least: you will have the chance to have two or three (for sponsored players) commercial areas. One of them can be for an online poker site where you can have your own affiliate.

Our goal is to make everyone that is interested in poker to sign up with us. Go ahead and become one of them!

The best thing about 1stSpade.com is that it is free to use and it always will be!*

*There will be services that possibly will be charged for. For instance money transfers to other countries for tournament entries. More about this later :)