WSOP Event # 9 – Razz - $ 1,500 – Day 2 - A gentleman
Date: Jun 4, 2015
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Last Date: May 26, 2016
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Original Date: Jun 4, 2015


Las Vegas, June 4 2015


I started day 2 with 20,100 in chips. That was pretty much exactly average and I was looking forward to some fun hours of playing razz. We were 169 players left of 462 and 48 would get prizes. That was my first goal for the day. Since this was my first razz tournament, I really wanted to cash in it.


As on day 1 I started out with getting a lot of super good starting hands. A-3-5, 2-3-5 and A-5-6 – I got them all in the first couple of rounds. I didn’t win one of them and I was down to 3,800. I was as frustrated as I could get, and decided that this was going to be my first AND last razz tournament. I was able to keep my stack alive for a while, but I needed a double up!


I didn’t double up. Instead I tripled up after having won the antes in two pots. A much better option, I believe!  Suddenly I was at my peak for today having 24k.


After this Eli Elezra came to my table. He is very solid in the stud games to say it the least. He is the nicest guy off the tables, but he is tough as hell when he plays. He really knows how to keep pressure on people and he also knows when to fold.  I got a few lessons from him during the night.


In one pot I started with (5-4) 3. I got 4 bets in with 3 players in it. 4th was a 2.  One player was all it, but the other called me. I got an ace on 5th. Not a terrible card. The last player also got all her chips in and I ended up knocking out two players. Now I had 60k and everything looked a lot better!


My stack kept going in the right direction and it was a lot of fun playing razz. I won more pots than I lost and we got into the money right before the dinner break. I was very happy about that and could enjoy dinner with 84k in my stack, which was a little over average.


I went to dinner with Ørjan Skommo and Eli Elezra. Chance Steed also joined us after a while. Ørjan had 55k and Eli had 120k at dinner break. Chance had around 50k.  So we were all very much alive. I was really thinking Eli was going to win this when we had dinner.  It didn’t happen, but he got 5th which of course if very good. Eli is a gentleman, as I mentioned. He insisted on paying the bill and when my food didn’t show up, he said he would sit there when I was eating and told the other guys to go back. I couldn’t let that happen, so I got the food to go. Being on day 2 and offer to sit out do have dinner with someone after having paid for it says a lot about a person. Thank you very much, Eli. You are a class act!


After the dinner break I really got things moving. I had almost 200k at one time when we were 29 players left. But after that it went to hell on a speedboat. I started one hand with (6-2) A, that improved getting a 3 and a 4 only to run into a wheel that had 3 cards to that hidden. It cost me too much, but what can you do?

I didn’t play well either at this point. To be honest I got a bit too tired after not having slept the night before. But I kept running pretty badly as well, and I couldn’t get a card after 5th street in one single pot. So I ended up loosing them all. I could literally hit half the deck in a couple of pots on either 6th or 7th, but didn’t. That gets really expensive. I had one of these pots against Max Pescatori that was pretty bad. I was drawing for an 8 and he had a 9. I was even betting 7th dark in a half bluff/half value bet attempt. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I was a bit frustrated at that point.


I had a similar pot against Eli where I only needed to hit a card below 10 that wasn’t A, 2 or 4 on 6th or 7th, but failed to do that too.


I busted in 24th. I wasn’t happy about that at all there and then, but in retrospect I’m not too unhappy about it either. It was another cash, and it came in one of the games that I feel I’m average in. And I never “have to” play another razz tournament to get a cash in that game again.


Big congrats to Max Pescatori that ended up winning it. Well done, sir!




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