WSOP Event # 6 – Hyper Hold’em - $ 1,000
Date: Jun 2, 2015
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Original Date: Jun 2, 2015


Las Vegas, June 2, 2015


This really is going to be a short blog. I promise. The reason being that I didn’t last until the first break, even!

Hyper Hold’em is the fastest event here at the WSOP. The blind levels were only 20 minutes long, so it’s a crapshoot in many ways. Starting stack is 5,000, so you can’t do many things wrong or get unlucky.

It started well. I played 6-6 in a way I’m not proud of. A guy raised and I called. The flop was 9-5-3. He bet half pot and I called. Turn 4. More outs, so I called again. River was a 2. At this point I really hoped he had an ace in this hand. He check-folded and showed 9-9 for a flopped set. I got very lucky there.

But it didn’t last. I lost with 33 vs QQ and 99 vs ?? on a A-K-J flop (after 3-bet and c-bet).

Then I got QQ. After some action in front of me I decided to just ship it in with 15 BB. A guy holding A-3 called me after a while. The flop came 6-3-3. Blah and Sigh.

I promised you a short blog! This time I kept my promise at least!


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