WSOP Event 4 – Final Table
Date: May 31, 2015
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Original Date: May 31, 2015


Las Vegas, May 31, 2015

Since this table has been filmed and there has been a report of each hand on, I won’t go into too much detail.


I was so much looking forward to playing this final table. To be able to play them is why I keep playing poker. It’s nothing it poker that is more fun.


I though it was very cool to have James Woods at the final table! He is a legend in the movie world and has been playing WSOP events for many years. I have played with him before, in a PLO 8 tournament at the WSOP in 2013, so he plays a lot of different things and not only Texas Hold’em.

To get to the final table in any WSOP event is very difficult. But to do it in a shootout is very impressive. Especially in the most expensive one where there really aren’t that many bad players, and a lot of good ones. He played pretty well at the final table, but got a bit passive when his stack got shorter. Big congrats to him for a very nice run not matter what!

In the first break we spoke a bit about poker, and suddenly he stopped and asked me “Andreas: Why do I even want to talk poker to you guys”. I said he could learn something. He said he was more afraid of giving away something. I guess he got a point J

To have a man like James Woods playing, and especially on a final table is good for poker. He is a class act among the players and he attracts more players to the game. I hope to meet him on more final tables!


Of the other players I knew or knew about on the table I guess Loni Harwood stood out the most. She was of course the only female at the table, but don’t get fooled by her appearance. She is pretty relentless and she pulled a hard bluff very early on that ran into David Peters’ full house, and therefor failed, but that bluff showed so much heart. I would have liked to see more of her play at the final table.

To my game: On hand 13 I got KK in early position. Blinds were 3k/6k-1k. I raised to 12k. David Peters called and so did Jeff Griffiths from the big blind. The flop came 9-8-5 rainbow.  Jeff led out for 20k. I wasn’t sure if I should raise of call here. I ended up with calling. David folded. The turn was jack of diamonds putting two diamonds at the table. In general not a bad card, but Jeff fired 100k into the pot! I was close to folding, but couldn’t do it. On the river, a 7 of hearts, he went all in. Sigh. It’s possible that I have the best hand here, but then again I only beat a bluff here. I ended up folding and wasn’t too happy at the time.

I was able to build my stack up again. And for a long time I felt this was going pretty well. But after having been second in chips for quite some time I got totally card dead. I got pocket tens in a hand, but ran into David Peter’s A-J of heart that his a super flop with A-6-5 with two hearts. I only lost one bet on the flop in the pot, but after that I couldn’t get a break from bad hands. The blinds got up to 10/20-3k and 12/24-4k and I got shorter and shorter.

In the end I pushed A-10 of clubs on the button. Nick Petrangelo in the small blind woke up with A-J. No help for me and I was out in 6th. Blah. Hated it so badly!

Nick went on to win it in the end. Big congrats to you, Nick! You played hard and got rewarded. Very well done!





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