Tourist Poker Part 9 – South Point
Date: Oct 8, 2015
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Original Date: Oct 7, 2015

Las Vegas, Oct 7, 2015


Before I came to South Point this time I had never set my foot in this casino. It’s only a 10-minute drive or so from the strip, but for some reason I had never been here. I had no expectations in any direction, but I was looking forward to being off the Strip again.


This casino resort, as most in Las Vegas, is big. The resort has a big casino floor with several restaurants, a sport book and also a big poker room that has a total of 22 tables. The resort also has a bowling hall and even a big movie theater. The hotel part has a total of 2163 rooms, so despite not being on the top-20 list of hotels in Vegas it is very big by all non-Las-Vegas standards.



The rooms are nice and you will have plenty of space. The standard is good, but nothing special. Again being in Vegas you very easily gets spoiled. Here the rooms on average are 2 or 3 times the size of rooms in Europe and in general in much better shape. A standard room here has two queen size beds and a small office space. The resort was built in 2005, so it’s reasonably new and modern.


The pool area has been surprisingly empty while I’ve been here. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, but on Monday and today, Wednesday, it was only about 30 guests there. The area is nice and clean and sometimes with a scent of horses. They have a stable here that causes that.



If you are looking for a cheaper stay in Las Vegas, this is a very good option. The rooms are cheaper than most of the places on the strip, but not only that. The prices for everything here is cheaper. A drink by the pool on the strip is typically $ 15-20. Here they are $ 7,50. The buffet here cost from $ 8,95, which is also a lot cheaper than most places on the strip. The food isn’t amazing, but I have had no problems finding food that I can eat and enjoy here.


This was a bit much about the resort maybe, but I think it’s a place to consider for tourists, especially if you are going to stay for a while with a limited budget.


I said I had been here for a few days. I had decided that I would try a new thing for this blog. Play sober one day and not so sober the next.



I arrived at the poker room for the first time on Monday (Oct 5th) and I got a seat right away in the 1/2 game. The table was not a good one for value. I don’t think it was one single tourist seated. It was only one person that drank alcohol (not me!). Usually the more people drink the better the games are. Well, I couldn’t mess around too much in this game, but I was sober so that shouldn’t be a problem!


Most places in Vegas these days they allow button straddles. I love those and use my option every time I can (unless I forget it my mistake). Here they only allowed one UTG straddle. That is not profitable in general, and I only do it if I think it will loosen up a tight table or if I want some more action.


The game was a bit annoying to play in. Everyone was opening to $ 15 playing 1/2 and that makes the room for fun play a lot smaller. I played for 3 hours before I won my first pot and it was a tiny one. I had K-Q off-suit and A-8 suited as my only half decent hands. To be honest I got a bit bored, but that was mostly because I was so card dead.


I got another K-Q off suit and limped in as after UTG and UTG +1 had done the same. I could have raised here, but with so much action behind I thought it was okay to also limp in. After all the hand isn’t very strong. The flop was K-Q-3 with two hearts, which I have to admit I liked. UTG bet out and UTG +1 called. I raised and both players called. On the turn, a black 3 I got check-called by both players again. On the river, a non-heart 10 UTG +1 bet half pot into me. Blah. I know I’m beat here, but I had to find out if I was right (the most stupid thing I do in poker, and I do it over and over again since I’m retarded). He turned over J-9. Sigh. Calling with a lower end gutshot when the board is paired and with two to a suit isn’t exactly profitable in the long run. But I have to admit I want those calls every day in the week. I never want him to hit the river though.


After this I lost a few more pots and decided I would quit and eat something instead of playing poker. My loss as sober Andreas: $ 200 exactly.


Yesterday I had a different approach. I had a few drinks by the pool and went to the movies and saw The Martian (that I would recommend) before I went and played. Right away I ordered some Scotch and sat down with the max, $ 300.


I wasn’t going to play for 3 hours without winning a hand this time! I think I won 4 hands in the first round. Only small pots, but hey, I won pots!


I had a few more drinks and played a few more hands. The table was a lot more fun this time. Maybe it was because I was drinking, but I think it was mostly because it was a lot more play (at least that is what I’m telling myself). I had fun despite that I lost money. That is pretty rare when I play poker to be honest. Thank you, vodka cranberry (After Scotch and vodka Redbull, I had changed back to my standard drink).


After a while I started winning some. Not any real big pots, but a lot of smaller and medium ones.


I will only mention one hand from this period. It is some important things that happened here, so that’s why I include it.


I opened with A-Q to $ 10. I got two callers. The flop was J-rag-rag. I bet $ 15 and got raised to $35. The person raising had said the she didn’t want to lose her money after having lost two days in a row and now she had almost $ 700 in front of her. I had $ 450 or so. To not want to lose your money is a fair thing. But never ever say it out loud. When people say this I hear: “Please bluff me since I will fold almost everything”. So I ended up calling with plans to steal the pot at a later street. And I also had two over cards that might be live. The turn was a 10. This is a pretty good card for me since it is at least to some degree a scary card. I checked and was hoping for a bet. She bet $ 45. Now I had to do something. I couldn’t float again and with my stack I had to show that what I had left would go in on the river. I raised to $ 115. I had close to $ 300 behind that was the perfect amount to go all in with on the river. So she isn’t calling $ 70 more here only. She probably used 4 or 5 minutes before she folded. I had put her on K-J, mainly since I had an ace and a queen in my hand. She said she had Q-J. I believe that could be right and the fold then is pretty much a given. What does she beat here except a bluff? The turn could have given me two pair or I could have a set or at least an over pair. I played it very strong too, I believe (not well necessarily, but as if my hand was very powerful).


After that the action died out. Not much happened and I left around 4 AM. My win as not-so-sober-Andreas was $ 368.



South Point is a resort that I like. The poker room here is big and nice. The room has a little too many grinders for it to be very valuable for tourists, but that might be because I played here midweek only. I would prefer a button straddle option, but for tourists it might be better when it’s not there since the pots stays smaller then. They have some really good freerolls for grinders here, so I would recommend playing here is you can put in 100 hours of more in a calendar month.



I ended my losing streak! A fortune of $ 168 thanks to not-so-sober-Andreas



Review of South Point and its poker room




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