Tourist Poker Part 12 – Harrah’s (Las Vegas)
Date: Oct 28, 2015
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Original Date: Oct 28, 2015

Las Vegas, Oct 28, 2015


I had never even sat my foot inside Harrah’s before I went there now. I have of course always known about the casino and I also remembering Harrah’s as the name of what is now Caesars Entertainment, but that was where my knowledge about the place ended. Help me, Google!


The Casino is one of the older ones on the Las Vegas Strip. It opened already in 1973 as Holiday Casino and has had several renovations since then (Thank you, Google). It still seems a bit old and not up to date. It is carpets in most of the hallways, which sucks if you have heavy suitcases on wheels. First world problems, I know.


The rooms are okay. Medium/small size by Vegas standards, but bigger than most European rooms. The standard isn’t great, but you have everything you need and then some. It is reasonably prized and you don’t get it much cheaper on the Strip.


I came to the poker room around 7 PM and I planned to play some touristy 1/2 No Limit Hold’em. It was a short waiting list and then I saw they had a 10/20 H.O.R.S.E. game with 2-7 Triple Draw added. I couldn’t help myself. I so rarely play those games so I wanted to try that instead.


As I sat down I was told they have these games every Tuesday. I wish I knew this earlier since I like to mix it up from time to time. The game was very friendly and I had a great time playing. The level of play wasn’t too scary and I would really recommend this for all players that want to learn mixed games in Vegas.


The staff was super friendly and I felt that we were very welcome to a degree I have rarely felt in other poker rooms. And the rake was only maxed at $ 3 per pot, which is the lowest in Vegas, at least to my knowledge.



All in all I had a fantastic time for several hours. I haven’t played mixed games outside tournaments for years and I had almost forgotten how much I like it.  The game was not tight at all, which of course makes it much more fun to play.



This time it will be a bit difficult for me to write a good one of these, since I didn’t really play tourist poker. But the staff here is so nice and the rake so low that both grinders and tourists will fit right in.



My total profit was $ 255. Having a great time and making any kind money is always a good thing!


Review of Harrah’s and its poker room


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