Tourist Poker Part 11 – Rio (Las Vegas)
Date: Oct 27, 2015
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Original Date: Oct 27, 2015

Tourist Poker Part 11 – Rio (Las Vegas)


Las Vegas, Oct 27, 2015



This is the kind of blog I probably should never have started on. I did things that I don’t usually do and I’m mad about it. I’m too good of a player to do shit like this!


Well, I guess I should start with saying that Rio is the (second) home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and it has so much poker history. I hardly know of one big name in poker that hasn’t played there. But poker during the WSOP and poker at other times in the year is not the same here. Not even close.


Rio was built in 1990 and is a bit worn down. The rooms are big and spacy, but things don’t have the freshness that many other places in Vegas have. And to be honest, I was a bit unlucky with my room here too this time. It wasn’t very clean and it was trash from the last guest in the closet. It was only plastic and things from a cleaning service, but still. It should not be there. And the safety box was locked as well when I arrived. So to say it short: I was not happy about the room I stayed at.


The poker room is pretty small with two to five games usually going. It’s usually 1/3 NL that is played and I got a seat at one of these tables. I started with the max, $ 300.



The people looked like grinders only. After a while a couple of tourists joined us, but mainly it was mostly grinders playing.


After losing half my stack in the start I got a few decent hands that held up and I was back to a little over my starting stack. I played for a while where everything went my way. I won mainly smaller pots, but many of them. Every time I bluffed, people folded and every time I bet for value, they called. At one point I was up to $ 1,200 from the $ 300 I started with. Everything looked good and I had a pretty good time. But I was drinking a bit too much (dah).



Drinking and playing can be fun. And I usually don’t play a lot better of worse when I drink. But I have to admit I tilt more easily. So when I had a few bad beats sending the pots the wrong way I didn’t like it much. And I didn’t care enough to play well after. In stead I played bad.


In one hand when I was down to $ 800 in my stack I opened to $ 10 with K-9 of clubs. The guy two to my left (an old fart) reraised to $ 67 throwing out a bunch of chips (as he had done multiple times already). He promised he had only looked at one card and it was a king. He even swore on his mother’s grave. I was stupid enough to believe him and I pushed all in. I though he had $ 200 or so behind, but he had almost $ 300. He pretty much snapped me off without looking at him second card (which he of course knew what was) with A-K. No help to me and I was under $ 500.


I was smart enough to get those in with 7-7 vs. 10-10 and busted. I didn’t feel like reloading and busted a few hundred on black jack instead. Clever!


I should never tilt and I should never trust anyone at a poker table. I should be too smart to do this shit. But I’m not. So I’m disappointed with my stupid ass!



Rio has a nice poker room. Players and staff are both friendly. It’s a bit too many regulars in the games, but they shouldn’t scare you off since they are not that good. I will recommend this room for both grinders and tourists.


Blah. I lost $ 300. I suck – big time!



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