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Date: Sep 27, 2014
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Las Vegas, July 29th 2013


Today it starts up again - The World Series of Poker (WSOP). Because of different things in my life I haven’t really been able to play for a few years. I have attended a few events, but not really played them. Hopefully that will change this year!


To be honest: I don’t know how many events I will play this year, but it will be more than 10. It depends on how it goes in the ones I play. If it goes amazingly well, I will play as many as I can, but because of several days in each tournaments (I hope I’m not dreaming here) the number I can play will be limited. I also like to have some breaks between tournaments and I rarely want to start a new tournament on a day I have busted from another. But I really feel like playing this year, so who knows?


I haven’t played a lot lately.  But when I have played I have felt that I do a lot of things right. And the things I do wrong I am more aware of. So I feel that my A game is very good and that I’m able to reduce my bad plays. I’m still learning a lot when I play, and when I do that I can be dangerous to play against.


The two tournaments I played since the Norwegian Championships in Dublin has been side events to the Five Diamond WPT at Bellagio. First I played a $ 5,180 Texas Hold’em No Limit event. This had a very disappointing number of players! Only 19 included re-entries! Of course most of them very good players!


The day I played this, even before I knew I was going to play, I wrote on Facebook: “This is going to be a good day”. I really had a good feeling and I played well from the start. Of course I did a few mistakes trying to find out more about how certain people played, but overall I played well. It’s a couple of weeks ago now, so I don’t remember too many hands, but I guess I play one worth mentioning…


With blinds 200/400 I raised to 800. Jeremy Ausmus to my direct right had been 3-betting me a lot! He is a very solid tournament grinder that is mostly known for being on the final table of last years WSOP Main Event (finishing 5th). He 3-bet me again, to 1800 this time. I had decided that I wasn’t going to let him do this all the time, and I had finally gotten some kind of hand against him, so I 4-bet to 5k. He didn’t take long before he went to 10k. I felt some kind of weakness from him, and I really wanted to look strong, so I 6-bet to 18k. He folded after a couple of seconds and said: “You got it!” I did! I couldn’t help myself and showed 7-3 of diamonds. Some players get a little pissed when I show bluffs, but Jeremy, as the gentleman he is, just smiled. It was almost like he appreciated my little adventure. I think a couple of the other players at the table woke up too.


After dinner break the other players wanted to chop when we were 6-handed. I was chip leader and didn’t really want to, but I accepted it and got $ 22k (and the trophy)!


The next day I played a $1590. I continued to play pretty well and despite being down to 4k (from 10 k starting stack), I was able to built up to 80k. But in the end I lost every time I was all-in and busted 11th with 9 prices. Strong dislike!


The good news was that I played with Erick Lindgren on all 3 different tables I played at. Not good because he is easy to play against – quite the opposite in fact, but nice because I got to know him a bit during the hours we played together and during dinner. He really seems like a very nice guy and he asked a lot of questions about how Thor (Hansen) was doing. Erick ended up winning this tournament in the end. Congrats, Erick! He then went on to get 2nd place in the WPT Final a few days after. Way to go, Erick!


I really wanted to play more poker, but my good friend and poker player Alex Hult had his wedding marrying beautiful Sarah Chapman (now Hult). It was a very nice wedding in California! Big congrats to both of you!


But now I’m back in Las Vegas, and ready for the WSOP! I have decided that I will go back to how I used to do it back when I did really well. I will not drink alcohol at all for the rest of May (lol) and for the whole month of June unless I win a bracelet. So I hope I will drink at least twice before the end of June!


As far as I know they will for the first time at the WSOP have an open tournament on the same day as the Employee Event. It’s a 5k THNL 8 handed. This will probably have a very strong starting field. My plan is to make it a little stronger by playing (no jokes here, please)!




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